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So if you don’t already, may I recommend you start jamming as soon as you can.  Being a musician is all about making music. Sure, learning scales and chords etc are important but if you just running up and down a major scale ALL day long, then no one wants to hear that in a pub on open mic night.  Even if you have 4 chords under your belt, you can play them in 100’s of different ways, so you really have no excuses.  The more advanced guys will always be happy to help and give you pointers. Hell, even prepare a little before hand by grabbing some paper and a pen and writing some stuff out. I’ve seen seasoned professionals doing that at jam nights with other professionals, it just makes things so much better.

Good places to look for musicians etc is:


Fender even put out an online jamming tool kit too. Failing that, slap a drum beat down on a keyboard/ezdrummer/riff works module and get playing!



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When I was growing up, learning other people s riffs, songs and licks seemed a little bit pointless to me. “I don’t want to sound like them! I want to have my own style!” so I didn’t learn anyone elses song (unless I really liked it and then I learnt the main riff).  More recently, I have picked up Panteras Cowboys From Hell as a tune to learn so I can post some youtube videos of me playing so Ill have some content for the website.  The main riff section is pretty easy but the smaller little “widdley” bits are pretty hard core. However, from one or two little ideas that are in the song, I can start now using them in my own solos.

Now, before you go “Thats just stealing!”, technically you could be correct. However, what I am doing is taking some of the ideas that Dimebag had and use them also. I mean, I’m sure Dimebag wasnt the first person to start sliding between pentatonic shapes.  So this idea in question is a sliding riff that goes down in the song. If you take that pattern and transfer it to the top E string, you can do some string skipping and sliding stuff in there that sounds great.

Essentially, I think you’ve a lot to learn by looking at songs you wouldn’t normally go for as well as songs you’d like to learn. Get yourself a few old copies of Total Guitar/Guitar World and have a go!

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New Site!

Hi there guys and gals!

Just thought Id do a little introduction to myself and to my site.  I’m Gareth, I’ve been playing guitar for 15 years and I am currently working through my grades via RGT. I am also studying music theory to ensure I am a well-rounded musician. I currently play for two bands, The Shuffle and Escaria. The Shuffle is a Swansea based covers band for functions, pub gigs and anything else that needs good music and tunes played at. We play tunes by Blondie, Biffy Clyro, The Gossip, Michael Jackson etc.  Escaria is a djent style metal band in the vien of Meshuggah, Tesseract etc with dark metal over tones such  Emperor and Neurosis.

Ill leave it there for now, but Ill keep this updated as I can do with little hints and tips and tricks I’ve picked up and hopefully, some videos will crop up of me shredding!


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