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Ok, so I have a HUGE stack of old Guitar Mags in the house which I tend to re-read constantly. I did go through a phase of not buying them because I felt they wouldnt teach me anything useful at all. However, I think now that they are full of great stuff!  Recently, I went through all the old ones I had and picked out all the good stuff in them and stick a post it note on the pages so when I need something new to learn, I can just grab a mag and start working though.

When you’re doing this, be realistic and make sure you pick something which has a good time frame; theres no point taken a 12 page article on finger tapping when you’re a blues guy with only 30 mins of practise a day! Look at something new and something that will test you. Look at going over some of the basic stuff also, such as blues runs etc to make sure you have a solid foundation.  And finally, try looking  at players you wouldnt normally. Learning solos is blooming hard work but pick out a jazz guy or a pop song with a solo in it and break that down into small sections.

Great magazines (to me) are:

Guitar World
Guitar Techniques

Its defo worth hunting these out on ebay or music forums to see if anyone has them for sale. You can pick up old ones for around £2/3 each!

There will be a newer update real soon, and hopefully some new pics of my guitars in the snow!


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